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Custom Cigar Box Guitars

Contact Eric to get your own custom crafted Cigar Box Guitar! 

Check out Top Spins LLC on facebook for hard to find vintage albums and other cool stuff.  They are also my one and only authorized distributor!

An easy tablature  that anyone can play... Star Spangled Banner (3 String)

A GREAT video by the King of Cigar Box Guitars, Shane Speal, "Why I play a cigar box guitar"

Customer comments:

“Very nice guitar....well made....” - danb3565

The guitar is all you promised and more. It sounds great out of the box. I know I will have years of enjoyment from it. Thanks again so much for everthing!”, "What a find! Not only exactly as I was promised, it came fast and packed safely" – mizpay

Awesome little guitar!! You did a great job building it.” - drumteach

"I just received the guitar yesterday. It's an absolute beauty and I am surprised for the quality of your work. I plugged it into a Pignose and start to play as soon I take it out of the cardbox!.  Thank you very much!. This beautiful guitar has a new home at sunny Baja California Mexico beaches. I will enjoy many weekend sunsets playing some ol' blues with her and sippin' margaritas" -  sergioalone

“I also received the guitar today.  It's fantastic.  I have a lot of cigar box guitars, most of them are lacking something...whether it be durability, tone, mojo...it's hard to explain when you are referring to a handmade instrument that is lovingly made and designed to have flaws.  Your guitar is definitely a cut above most of my CBGs.  I've only seen 2 CBGs ever that were made better and they were priced a few hundred bucks more than yours.  Kudos to you for creating a superior product and keeping your prices low.” - Jake Knows Harmonica


The Guitars!

The MShack 3 string Electric Guitar.

This one was custom made for our locally owned burger restaurant, MShack.  That's David Medure playing in the video... he plays great guitar!  It is an electric 3 String Cigar Box Guitar... Pickup is handmade, tuned to GDG using Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings and the scale is 25.5 inches.

Check out MShack's website: http://www.mshackburgers.com/



The ZEN 3 string Electric Guitar.

Electric 3 String Cigar Box Guitar... I call it the ZEN. Pickup is handmade, tuned to GDG using Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings.

ZEN 01ZEN 02

Oliva Cigar Box Guitar Ukulele.

Acoustic Ukulele made from an Oliva cigar box.  Has 21" (Soprano) scale with nylon strings and a standard Ukulele tuning (GCEA).

Oliva Uke 01Oliva Uke 02


The Laughing Skull 4 string Guitar.

 This one is based on a beer from the local grocery store, The Laughing Skull beer made in Atlanta Ga.  It is acoustic with a piezo pickup so it can be plugged in to an amp.  It utilizes 4 Martin strings (GDGB) with a bone design crafted into the headstock.


Flor De Las Antillas 3 string Guitar.

 Martin strings on this one as well, tuned to GDG.  It is acoustic with a piezo pickup so it can be plugged into an amp.


Lou's Blues Guitar.  SOLD

As usual... Ernie Ball Slinky strings, tuned to GDG.  Chrome lipstick pickup (not handmade by me), chrome volumn knob, and chrome tuners make this one cool looking guitar!  The box has a soft rubberized material covering it, which gives it a unique, deeper tone.

Lou's Blues 1Lou's Blues 2

PDR Guitar.  SOLD

Ernie Ball Slinky strings, tuned to gDG.  Chrome lipstick pickup (not handmade by me), chrome volumn knob, chrome adjustable hardtail and chrome tuners make this one cool looking guitar!




The Jake-Elwood.  SOLD

This one-off fretless Cigar Box Guitar  features silouettes of Jake and ELwood on the guitar and their famous quote, "We're on a mission from God" on the neck.  the images and text are wood burned into the guitar for a cool handmade look.  The pickup is custom made to mount from inside the guitar with only the 3 poles protruding through the front.  It features Cleartone 9 strings, tuned to gDG.


The Beer Guitar.  SOLD

Cleartone 9 strings, tuned to gDG.  Two handmade pickups wrapped with Old Milwaukee beer cans, an Old Chub beer can wrapped around the headstock and a beer bottle cap for volume knob.  A 3 way switch is used to switch betweer the 2 pickups (1: bridge pickup, 2: bridge and neck pickups, 3: neck pickup).

Beer Guitar 01Beer guitar 04



The Red Monster.  SOLD

Ernie Ball Slinky strings, tuned to gDG.  Handmake pickup and a red Monster can used to decorate the headstock.

Red Monster 01Red Monster 04



Don Manuel Quesada - London - 6 String Electric Guitar.  SOLD

2 Humbucker pickups, Gibson selector switch, Slinky M-Steel strings

London 1London 2


The Baron Samedi "Voodoo Blues" fretless guitar.  SOLD

From Haitian voodoo, Baron Samedi is loa of the dead.  He is known for drinking rum and smoking cigars.  What a perfect match for a blues guitar! 

Guitar has Blues Blaster strings and is tuned to gDG.  Headstock is wrapped with the reproduction of a Papa Loko rum label.

Baron Samedi 01Baron Samedi 02


Winston's Humidor Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar

This one was built and donated to a local cigar shop.



 WWII Dog Bowl Resonator Cigar Box Guitar.  SOLD

WWII US Army themed guitar with the US star on the guitar body and another on the headstock.  Perfectly aged to look like it has been used.  I like to think this is what would have been issued to the tropos if the Army issued a guitar back then.  Uses an inverted dog bowl as a resonator which gives it a unique tone closer to a banjo.  Poplar neck with hand fretted oak fret board.  All metal, quality tuners with a leather loop at the top of the neck and some leather wrapping near the nut.  BBs inserted on side of neck to mark scale.  Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings tuned to open G.

WWII Guitar 05WWII Guitar 04


Monte Cristo - Electric - SOLD

Strings are Cleartone 9s tuned to open G.

MonteCristo 1MonteCristo 2

Electric CBG with Arturo Fuente box.  This one has a built in amp and speaker inside the box. -  SOLD

This guitar can be played on the internal amp or on an external amp.  The switch turns on the internal amp and the green LED indicates power is on.  Volume for the guitar and gain for the amp are controlled by dice knobs.  Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings tuned to open G.

AF 01AR 02


Acoustic CBG with a Flor De Las Antillas box.  SOLD



Reserva Anejo Limitada - Electric - SOLD


Here's a short video of Jack Mace from the band Green Giant playing the Reserve Anejo Limitada guitar. Uploaded with permission from Joseph Kennebeck.


Acoustic CBG using a Richmond Virginia box - Acoustic - SOLD

 This one was custom crafted for a Richmond, Virginia customer.  Shockoe Valley is an area in Richmond, Va.

Acoustic 1Acoustic 2

Acoustic 3


La Aroma De Cuba - 3 String Electric - SOLD

AromaCuba 1AromaCuba 2AromaCuba 3

I also hand craft cigar box amplifiers...


My first hand made guitar... 

License Plate 1 

All electric pickups are hand made (unless otherwise requested or specified).  Below is one being made.


How to build the Monte Cristo CBG video...


View my video on how to build a Fret Board:


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