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A little about me...

Eric Kasten, born at Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1971, grew up in Eastern North Carolina and Virginia. The son of a retired Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman stationed in Camp Lejeune and Norfolk, Eric joined the Army as an M1A1 Tank crewman.

After being stationed in Erlangen, Germany for 2 years, Eric worked as a Technician for GTE on international telecommunications contracts. In all, he visited or worked in eleven countries. He met his wife, Virginia, in Argentina... and they used to live in Virginia (yeah, kinda funny how things work out), but are now in Florida (and loving it).  As of 2016, he is in his twentieth year in the telecommunications industry. Working and studying at the same time, Eric gained his B.S. in Business Management in 2001.

While living in Maryland, Eric joined the Screen Actors Guild and worked as background in several major motion pictures, on HBO's The Wire and on America's Most Wanted. He was most commonly cast as law enforcement. He also worked in the Baltimore Opera Company on their production of La Boheme as the Drum Major.

It was on a Telecom project that Eric met author Lisa Rogak in the Charlotte, NC airport. From that meeting the wheels began to turn and the writing bug grew. It was also recent to then that Eric began reading more books, mostly non-fiction. One odd preference emerged, a preference for one word titles.  He credits his wife for supporting his writting efforts and thanks the brother of his neighbor, Kevin Keating, for helping motivate him to write as well.

After watching a MAKE video on YouTube on how to make a license plate guitar, Eric made one.  Now he makes custom 3-string, 4-string and 6-string Cigar Box Guitars in his spare time.

A BIG Thank you to my aunt Therese for all her graphic art work.  She made all my covers and designed my guitar logo.


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